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Ideal spring water for all the family 
Lisbeth spring water runs along the beautiful Alsacian mountains acquiring some of the purest elements nature is offering, while delivering a unique flavor. The water’s refreshing taste and the lack of chemical treatment makes Lisbeth a water suitable for the all family.

Lisbeth water is available in three distinct references:

• Still Spring Water: 
Hailing from the Vosges mountains, Lisbeth still spring water offers you freshness and exceptional flavor throughout the day.
Voted best French still water / 2004 – Aqua Expo (Paris)

• Lightly Sparkling Spring Water: 
Extremely refreshing, the soft sparkling Lisbeth water will enthrall you at every moment of the day.
Voted best French slightly sparkling water / 2008- Aqua Expo (Paris)

• Sparkling Spring Water: 
Sparkle with every sip with Lisbeth sparkling spring water. Enjoy its fizz with the same quality that our still spring water brings.
Voted best French sparkling water / 2003 – Aqua Expo (Paris)


• Glass bottles of 100 cl and 50 cl
• Glass bottles of 33 cl for Lisbeth still and lightly sparkling spring water
• Plastic bottle of 125 cl and 50 cl

Water analysis

  • Chlorures 15 mg/L
  • Sulfates 29 mg/L
  • Fluorures 0.78 mg/L
  • Sodium 79 mg/L
486 mg / L


Nessel mineral water spring is located in the heart of the Alsacian mountains. Its composition and its limited production caused by the low flow of the source, make Nessel one of the rarest and most sought after mineral water in France. Pure, light and naturally carbonated, Nessel mineral water is known to ease digestion.

Behind this unique taste is an history which began over 700 years ago, when the sources were first described by the Franciscan monk Tschamser.

After the spring water became available for the first time in 1617, many doctors praised the benefits of Soultzmatt’s water.

Thus, Nessel mineral water was declared of public interest by Napoleon in 1865.

Nessel water is available in 100 cl glass bottles and 125 cl plastic bottles.

Water analysis

  • Sodium 224 mg/L
  • Chlorures 37 mg/L
  • Fer 0.044 mg /L
1140 mg / L


The Sources of Soultzmatt have expanded their range of traditional lemonades with a broad variation under the Uncle Hansi brand.
Traditional, pink, green apple or blood orange, this range of flavours will be able to fill the tastes of the each and everyone’s desires!
These lemonades are the result of a traditional know-how, flavours of yesteryear, and the Sources of Soultzmatt’s abilities to develop modern and innovating products.

• Traditional Uncle Hansi lemonade : natural lemon flavor

• Pink Uncle Hansi lemonade : natural lemon and lime flavours

• Blood orange Uncle Hansi lemonade : natural orange flavour

• Green apple Uncle Hansi lemonade : natural apple flavour

Uncle Hansi lemonades are available in 33 cl screw caps and 75 cl mechanical corks glass bottles.

Artisanal Uncle Hansi lemonade 

» Average energy value : 32kcal / 136kJ
» Proteins : 0g
» Glucids / of which sugar : 8,0g / 8,0g
» Lipids : 0g
» Sodium : 7,6mg

Pink Uncle Hansi lemonade
» Average energy value : 36kcal / 153kJ
» Proteins : 0g
» Glucids / of which sugar : 9,0g / 9,0g
» Lipids : 0g
» Sodium : 7,6mg

Blood orange Uncle Hansi lemonade 

» Average energy value : 34kcal / 145kJ
» Proteins : 0g
» Glucids / of which sugar : 8,5g / 8,5g
» Lipids : 0g
» Sodium : 7,6mg

Green apple Uncle Hansi lemonade
» Average energy value: 34kcal / 145kJ
» Proteins : 0g
» Glucids / of which sugar : 8,5g / 8,5g
» Lipids : 0g
» Sodium : 7,6mg


For more than 200 years “Sources de Soultzmatt” have been bottling premium spring water in France.
This experience combined with our knowhow and the most modern technics allows us to bring you a full range of delicious drinks.

Soultzmatt Spring Water main specialities

• Lisbeth spring water (still, lightly sparkling, sparkling)
• Lisbeth flavoured spring water (lime/lemon, strawberry, peach/orange)
• Nessel mineral water
• Hansi traditional lemonades (traditional, pink, green apple, blood orange).

Our lemonades are exclusively made with our own spring water combined with natural aromas. Their delicious flavours and great taste make them some of our most successful products!

In France our products are listed in major supermarket chain stores (Carrefour, Auchan, Casino, Système U,Leclerc, Intermarché,…).
We also serve the foodservice segment through a network of distributors.
We export to the United States, Canada, Australia and several european countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Greece, Poland…).

Our history in some dates…

First mention of “Sources de Soultzmatt” by the Franciscan Monk TSCHAMSER

By order of the Bishop of Strasbourg, the Soultzmatt Sources start being used.

Acquisition of the Soultzmatt Sources by Mr Louis Nessel.

Imperial Decree of September 1st, authorizing bottling under the « Nessel” name.

New drilling facilities allow production of a lightly mineralized water.

The Sources « Nessel » become communal property, creation of communal governance of “ Sources de Soultzmatt”.

Creation of the Mixed Economy Company (SEM) and entering of RIVELLA in the group’s capital.

« Lisbeth » becomes the main brand of the company.

Certifications and awards

« Trophée des Vosges » Eco Packaging

« Lisbeth Sparkling » voted Best French sparkling water *

« Lisbeth Still » voted Best French still water *

« Lisbeth Peach-Orange » voted Best French flavoured water *

« Lisbeth Lightly Sparkling » voted Best French slightly sparkling water **

« Lisbeth Sparkling » Jury Special Grand Price at SPA & Beauty International Fair in Paris **
Certification IFS (International Standard Food)
Certification ECOCERT for the Organic Liness lemonade

* EAUSCARS in Paris
** International SPA & Beauty in Paris

EAN code product

• 3256860701305 – 50 cl Lisbeth Still Water
• 3256860700254 – 125 cl Lisbeth Still Water

• 3256860700162 – 50 cl Lisbeth Lightly Sparkling Spring Water
• 3256860700452 – 125 cl Lisbeth Lightly Sparkling Spring Water

• 3256860700551 – 50 cl Lisbeth Sparkling Spring Water
• 3256860700506 – 125 cl Lisbeth Sparkling Spring Water